VW Amarok V6 SENT Multi-Channel Tuning Box Chip

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Before 165kw/550nm

After 205kw/627nm

The SENT Bluetooth Diesel Tuning Box for Volkswagen Amarok 3.0 TDI V6 from TDI-Tuning is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology with the capacity to remap brand new digital sensor based engines from Audi and Porsche. Powered by a powerful 80 MHz ARM microprocessor, the Bluetooth Diesel Tuning Box remaps vehicle performance moment by moment based on digital data received via the engine sensor interface harnes, changing the fuelling profile of the vehicle and eliminating acceleration flat spots. There are 7 different power settings, adjustable at your fingertips via your smartphone. For this vehicle Power will be increased by +53 BHP for a total of 274 BHP as well as increasing torque by +77 NM  for a total of 627 NM (on setting 7)

Please specify your exact model and year of manufacture when ordering as there are 2 different specs on the Australian market.

If your vehicle is not listed please call 1300 015 584 or email info@bluetoothdieseltuning.com.au with your details