Diesel Fuel Conditioner 200mL

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Get More Power, Improved Efficiency and Better Driveability.

  • 4 point cetane boost for increased power, engine efficiency, and vehicle driveability
  • Prevents lower temperature range fuel flow problems at cold start (-1°C)
  • Contains operator safe, non organo-cyanide based biocide to treat diesel bug
  • Suitable for old and new diesel fuel systems
  • Suitable for low sulphur fuel and fuel with moisture present
  • Lubricity agent minimises engine wear & tear
  • Contains de-polarising agents and high-performance corrosion inhibitor
  • Dissipates moisture to reduce risk of injector tip damage
  • Product treat rate is 1part DFC : 500 parts diesel fuel (1L treats 500L fuel)
  • Use regularly for best results – residual effect offered over a typical treatment interval of 5000km