Bogaard Turbo Timer

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Bogaard turbo timers are the market leader in turbo engine protection. They provide a reliable, foolproof method of allowing the engine and its turbocharger to cool down; prolonging their operating life and giving greater reliability, all for a fraction of the cost of a service or repair.

With a range of models available with plug-in connectors to suit most popular 4WD and light commercial vehicles, they are quick and simple to install. For other vehicle types such as trucks, machinery of all types, excavators, forklifts or any vehicle with a turbo diesel engine, they have a range of wire-in models to suit. Unlike many other types of timers, each Bogaard Turbo Timer is both 12 volt and 24 volt, allowing them to be installed in any type of turbocharged vehicle.

They are the choice of most Australian truck manufacturers, fitted as OEM parts on their production lines.

Please call us to confirm model fitment, as prices vary.