Tune your V6 Amarok!

Recently the new V6 Amarok was launched, boasting a mighty impressive 190kw and 580nm from the ultimate model. That’s serious towing power.

But why trade in your current V6 Amarok when you can achieve that power with a plug and play tuning box? On the base V6 with 500nm standard, out Bluetooth Diesel Tuning box will take your engine to 580nm and 186kw. Check out the spec sheet here https://tdi-tuning.com/variant-datasheet/12123 . On setting 4 you’ll achieve 554nm and 180kw, the same as the new Core, Sportline and Highline models. All for $1350 delivered, what are you waiting for????

For those towing big loads, or with a thirst for more grunt than anyone else on the road, why not fit a tuning box to your brand-new Amarok! Traceless, plug and play and won’t affect your new car warranty. Simply remove the box for logbook servicing! On your Core, Sportline or Highline model you will see 205kw and 627nm on the highest setting! Check it out here https://tdi-tuning.com/variant-datasheet/10688

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