Economy is an important factor in the motoring world today. Fuel prices are up and staying there, as is the price of running your vehicle day to day. TDI-Tuning are devoted to finding the best performance map settings for a wide variety of cars. "Performance" does not just mean “More Power”. Finding the harmonious balance between power and economy is something that is of vital importance to us.

We get loads of questions about the fuel economy benefits of a tuning box. With diesel engines the TDI-Tuning box will improve fuel economy if you drive the vehicle accordingly. The way diesels are built enable them to function more efficiently at lower revs than petrol engines. This is the main reason why diesels can be made more efficient with the help of a TDI-Tuning box. It is a fact that with diesel engines the tuning box improves fuel economy. The extra torque allows you to use less throttle, meaning you can use a higher gear earlier and less fuel.

Individual results will vary, but we see an average of 1L/100km improvement in 90% of diesel vehicles. In our 2017 Toyota Hilux 2.8, we have shaved a massive 2.5 L/10km off, and now see an average of 10L/100km and 800 kms to a tank. This brings a huge saving at the pumps!

Contact us today to discuss your vehicle, and how we can help you get more power and enjoy improved economy!