79 Series Land Cruiser

The 79 series Land Cruiser ute is ever popular all over Australia. With the 4.5 D4-D V8 fitted, it unfortunately suffers from a lack of grunt. It’s big, more sophisticated brother the 200 series has twin turbo’s and produces a healthy 650nm of torque. The single turbo on the 79 means a disappointing 430nm.

Most opt for a bigger exhaust to help up the power, but there is another way. A Bluetooth Diesel Tuning plug and play tuning box gives a much-needed boost up to 190kw and 512nm on the highest setting. That isn’t even the best part.

On the lowest setting torque is bumped up to 468nm, and power up to 178kw. This setting will improve your fuel economy by up to 20% (depending on driving conditions and style). Check out the performance gains at each setting here https://tdi-tuning.com/variant-datasheet/12080 for yourself.

The box can be adjusted on the fly via your smartphone and our free to download app. Meaning you can crank up the power when you need it and give yourself some much needed economy when you don’t. All this for $895 delivered!!

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